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Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 8 in CO - Feb 23

Goooooooood Afternoon everyone!

I pray life finds you all well and happy!

     This week was super crazy and filled with a ton of interesting experiences. By the way don't judge my spelling, I am learning Spanish not English.....

     Anyways... if I could pick a week that I had really bizarre happenings this one would be it. 

     The saying "there is a first time for everything" has probably been the theme of the week. Tuesday was the day that odd things started showing up. I went on exchanges with the sister training leaders here. They are English and that was  really weird to teach English because literally in Denver it is all Spanish!
     So we went to visit someone and it made my life to be in her house. There are so many things that I held that would give my mother a heart-attack! Sorry can skip this section if you want..
So she has like 9 snakes! Crazy right?! And then she has a ton of mice and a couple guinea pigs and a ton of fish. We held the guinea pig and then a couple of the mice. A baby one nibbled on my finger...good thing that her teeth weren't sharp! She was going to let us hold the snakes but then realized that they hadn't been fed and would smell the mice...good call!
     We had a really great lesson with her and it was a testimony that studying the scriptures is a good thing. Especially scripture mastery.. thank you Sister Steel and Sister Mason!!!!
     Afterwards we went to contact a referral and on the way stopped to talk to a woman and her kids. Turns out they didn't speak English so I flew solo but it worked out and she wants to learn more. Yay! Then the last crazy experience of the day was when we went to visit one of their investigators. He is only a couple years older than us and is going to school. We go into his house for the appointment and we realize that he has so many hookahs in his apartment. Aside from Alice in Wonderland I have never seen one in real life and it was slightly exciting in a very odd way. In the corner he had one that is only a few inches shorter than time?! I didn't know that they even made them that big! After talking with him we determined that the word of wisdom is next after we saw the giant jug of moonshine on his Dukes of Hazzard experiences helped me recognize that. It was an exciting moment for knowing that the Word of Wisdom is of God and saves sooooo much money!
     It was a great exchange and I have determined that God calls amazing amazing sisters to be sister training leaders! The two I have known so far are amazing!
     We did a ton of tracting this week and it was really great. Especially the people we found and the great lessons we were able to teach. These people are amazing. I love all people...creepy hispanic men are harder to love but I love them none the less.
     But we also fulfilled prophecy. So in this apartment complex we are tracting there is a stairway access to the roof of a vacant apartment. And like a nerd I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to fulfill a prophecy in the Book of Mormon it is 2 Nephi 27:11 about the Book of Mormon being declared from the rooftops...nerdy? yes. Fulfilling?...yes. I have pictures for proof. It was great.

2 Nephi 27:11

     Then we narrowly escaped death many times in the crazy storm! Drivers here are nuts in the snow!
     Sunday we spent hours and hours shoveling snow and rediscovering our neighborhood. And we walked to our closest person to teach and it took forever! We couldn't drive in the snow so it was really cold and really snowy. But we learned that "sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven" and those blessings were in the form of tamales. The elders brought us leftovers from their dinner appointment and it was the best!
     Missions are great! It is hard everyday but also worth it everyday as well. I love it and am so grateful that I didn't go to Chile as crazy as that sounds. 

Have a great week and I love you all!!
Hermana Hansen

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