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Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 14 in CO - Apr 6

Hello everyone!

     This week was absolutely crazy! Just like every week...
     Monday was great! We had some super great lessons and put our investigator Stella on date for May and she is totally down for it! Now we just have to put her down in the water....She is amazing! I love her a lot! Tuesday we got to teach Luis so it was a great day. Whenever he doesn't text back we joke about whether or not he died. But I learned that I will never do that ever again because he got in a really bad car accident on Monday. Someone hit him from the side and he smashed into the guard rail and flipped his car 3 times. The person that hit him drove away and left him hanging upside down, held in by only his seat belt. Thank goodness Heavenly Father was watching out for him! Some lady saw the whole thing and pulled him out. Now he just has a few scrapes, broken rib, and hemorrhaging in his brain...God is real! He is planning on getting baptized this weekend but we might move it so he has some time to heal. Wednesday was a great day! We went to the temple and it is literally the best way to start a day! Then we had our district meeting and taught some great people. One of which was Lucero and she invited a friend over to hear about the church. What an amazing missionary! And she isn't even a member yet! As always we tried to see so many people but no one was home so we went to go visit Grace. She is doing great! We saw Stella again and it is so sad to see people you love hurting and she was hurting badly but doing much better now! She has a job and is progressing more and more everyday!
     Thursday we had our Zone meeting which was super awesome! We are now starting to sing in lessons before we start teaching...I feel like Chad in High School I don't sing...but I guess we do now! Most of the rest of the weekend was really insane! We ran around trying to find people for their appointments but no one was ever home! Saturday made it okay though because of Conference!!!!! It answered questions I didn't even know I had! And like always Elder Holland gave the best talk!..Just kidding they were all amazing! Especially the ones in Spanish which I can now understand! I loved Conference so much! It was exactly what I needed and so many others. I am so grateful for a living prophet who tells us what the Lord wants us each individually to hear. I know that as we heed their words, the crazy things in this world will be easier to handle.

Easter Sunday!
This is Stella! One of my favorite people ever!
Hermana Hansen

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