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Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 10 in CO - Mar 9

Hey everyone!

     I hope life is great for all of you...if not... "ask the missionaries, they can help". This week was one of the most bipolar weeks of my entire existence. But it ended with greater miracles than I have ever imagined.
     Pretty much the first two days of the week were super stressful! Either no one was home or they told us not to come back. But we are missionaries..we can help you... That's okay people reject Kirby vacuums too. At least we aren't the only ones. I don't know why anyone would ever reject a Kirby though! But Wednesday we got to go to the temple so that was pretty much the best way to start the day ever! We went on exchanges and I stayed in our area. I am proud to report that I didn't get lost and we didn't die. So mission accomplished. I learned the value of GPS's though....that's probably why the Lord gave Lehi the is important to the Lord to not get lost! That night we went to see one of our investigators Luis. We bundled up for a cold lesson because we can't go inside because he lives alone. So we knocked on the door and a young woman opened. She is about my age. And wouldn't you know it she just moved in with him because they have been friends for years and she took his extra room because she had no where else to go. He is so nice! He did that with another one of his friends that didn't have a place but they are guys so they share. But pretty much Grace, his friend, is so awesome too! They are both ridiculously prepared!
     We exchanged back on Thursday and then went to Sisters Conference...I felt like I was in young women's again. We passed around notes and had to write something nice about everyone. Gone are the days of interpretive dance battles to hymns...I miss that one a lot!
     At the end of the day, we went to Luis' house so that we could talk with them a bit more. It was great! Turns out he plays the guitar and trumpet and from there the two of them just kept getting more awesome because they like the same things we like. AND LUIS LISTENS TO LINDSEY STIRLING!!! They are the best!
     Saturday and Sunday were AMAZING! We determined that we would try to talk to every single person we could and we saw so many miracles! We have a ton of new people to teach and Luis came to church! He works the night shift and ends at 8 and church starts at 9. I would have gone home to sleep but he came to church! He also wants to get baptized on the 22nd of this month! We had a baptism for one of the other companionships and Grace and Luis came! After, Luis was joking around about just jumping into the font right then and getting baptized now.....both of them are so awesome!
     There is a reason that the Lord asks us to knock doors as missionaries. If we hadn't we never would have found so many of the people that we are teaching right now. "..for the Lord giveth no commandment unto the children of men save He shall prepare a way that they may accomplish the thing that He has commanded them"
     In a year and a half I might go into selling Kirby's......
I love all of you! Have a fantastic week!!
Hermana Hansen

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