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Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 5 in CO

Hey everyone!!
So we only have a week left in my first transfer! What?!?!?! I have no idea how that happened! It was like one second I was pulling up to the MTC and now I am only around the corner from 6 months..WHAT?! It needs to go by slower!! Anywho..onto the weekly report...

After P-day we went to contact one of our member referrals and she was so awesome!! She is about 15 and just wants a relationship with God and the Savior. Well you know what Elder Nelson says..."Ask the Missionaries, they can help." And now she is on date for baptism. After we saw her, we went over to the home of a really good friend of a family in the ward. He isn't a member but he is super spiritual and has read almost every single religious book you can imagine..including the Book of Mormon which he really loves and we really love talking with him. He is another person who it is fun to see that Heavenly Father has been in the details of his life..I love those!
Then we went for a 8pm member lesson and talked about the Book of Mormon. I thought I loved the Book of Mormon before my mission but I quickly found out that it is not even close to how much now! I love it. As long as it is true, then everything else is as promise huh! 

This was probably one of the scariest days in my entire mortal existence thus far. No joke. We had exchanges again and this time I stayed in I was in charge for a whole 24 hours..whoever came up with that idea has a screw loose...Just kidding because it was the Lord. But I only got us lost once and we were still in the right area just took the wrong road! And we put two people on date for baptism...not too bad..I am still alive and didn't make anyone go apostate due to my cruddy Spanish...It was a good day! And I went on the exchanges with Hermana Arnold and it turns out she knows a ton of my friends from the stake...weird Mormon small worlds..But its super fun! 

We exchanged back so I was very happy about that!! Then we went to see a recent convert and talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ...I love that one...its so good! Then we went for dinner and the azada tacitos were so spicy my eyes were involuntarily watering....I would say it was fun but it really was not at all..and yet they were so good! American food is so boring!
Then we went to see/track down some of our peeps and talk to Bishop. Good day! 

After District meeting we came back to teach one of our less actives. We watched the Mormon message, "The Will of God" It is one of my favorites and I cried..again..and of my favorite parts in that whole thing is when the man says, " How could you do this to me God? I was doing everything I was supposed to.." and then Heavenly Father answers back,"  I am the gardener here, and I know what I want you to be.." and then the man says, "‘Thank you, Mr. Gardener, for cutting me down, for loving me enough to hurt me."
And I have found this in my life to be true and I see it in others now...He knows who He wants us to be and He loves us enough to help us get there. It hurts a lot but it will get us there.

Another exchange day..and I stayed again..but I didn't get us lost once! Yay!! We had all Spanish appointments the rest of the day...yikes! But they actually went really well...prayer is real!
It was a super fun day! And I learned that no matter what, if we give the Gospel a chance to work in our lives, it can change anyone for the better. Christ  can and will change everyone for the better if we will let Him!

Before we exchanged we found a new investigator! It was exciting but scary all at the same time!
After we came back we had dinner and then went to teach my favorite blind person in the world! He has the best stories! One of my favorites this time was when he was talking about how he used to play football when he was younger and going to school. It was a school for blind people and they all had to play a sport. So he did football and wrestling and something else. But one game, their coach told all of them to just run at anything they thought moved..not the best advice in the world... So they were tackling eachother and then their quarterback ran into the goal post. That mental image cracked us up for a solid 5 minutes! Then he was telling us about how the quarterback felt really dumb for awhile afterwards.
So like a super smart person I was like, "well I bet he laughs about it now." And he was like, " No he is dead. Most of my friends are dead now..." That awkward moment when.......
Now I have a big apology to make when I get to the other side......
He is one of the most hilarious old men I have ever met!

I love Sundays!
Church was great as always! Then one of the members was leaving for his mission so we had a poquito fiesta para el... And the I love being a missionary..we had knew all time favorite food and some other traditional Spanish dishes and it was so good..But they fed us so much and then we had a dinner appointment not even a half hour later..I felt like I was going to die but here I still stand!
We went to teach a couple of our new investigators and had a really amazing lesson with them. The dad (26) asked Sister Smock and I to sing one of our church hymns....ummmm que???? We politely declined and I have never been so grateful for leaving our hymn books in the car! But in the end of the lesson I made the mistake of saying that everything is possible through Christ.... So the man was like.."So sing!" I almost died of a heart attack.... English singing on the fly is one thing but I don't know hardly anything in Spanish!!!!! But we sang I am a Child of God so it turned out ok...They made me say the prayer but before I started the guy looked me in the eye and was like, " Todo es posible por medio de Jesucristo,"  Pues!! It is a good thing I have little brothers who tease me or this spanish guy would have got a piece of my mind in English because he doesn't know it! But thats okay..Jesus said love everyone and it is a lot easier to do as a missionary!
Our last lesson last night was with a recent convert who is phenomenal and he has such an amazing testimony and love for the gospel and he is being an amazing example to his family! 
In short I love being here doing this work in this tiny valley! The people are amazing and I pray we can find all of the people that the Lord is preparing!

Love all of you! Have an amazing week!!
Hermana Kylie D. Hansen

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