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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Week 17 in CO - Apr 27

Hey everyone!

     This week...what to even say.... sorry this will be kinda short
     We saw some amazing miracles but also a period of heartache.
     We are teaching a part member family who I love so much! Last transfer we took a chance one day and stopped by and started teaching them. Now, the young woman we teach says that her non-member husband wants us to teach him! We went over for their son's birthday to help them for a bit and it was a blast! It is a witness to me that we can't just be missionaries. We have to be people that others can trust and love. Heavenly Father gives us personalities for a reason and now it is becoming something more. I don't know what I would do without the people I have in my life now! One of them is Stella. We had a bit of a scare this week that broke my heart but God hears and answers our prayers and now everything is okay and she will be baptized on the 31st of May.
     Another young woman we are teaching is going to start FHE in her family in order to help her husband feel the Spirit and soften his heart. She is an example to me of acting in faith. She has been doing everything we have asked her to do and knows that the church is true. And because she is willing to act on the answers she has received, we and she can see that the Lord is softening his heart and it is a miracle!
     Next weekend, we are going to be doing a temple tour with a few of the people we are teaching and I am so stoked!! Also, I just realized how terrible my English is and I am so sorry!
     This week I realized what a treasure it is to be a missionary. There were a few things we got to do that are so precious. We got to help Ivancito with his homework and then last night he told us he wants us to teach him so he can get baptized! It's little things like that are the moments I have come to treasure. The Savior gives us a tiny portion of the love He has for these people and we get to feel it. When that love motivates what we do, it changes everything. We had a Stake Women's activity about women in the scriptures and it was so amazing! If I could be half as cool as them it will be a good day!
     Next week I celebrate my 6th month mark...and that is super depressing because that means that I only have a year left! And technically I won't be a greenie anymore and that scares me to death! I have no clue what I am doing still! My Spanish sounds like nails on a chalk board..not really but you get the idea...but it is times like the ones above everyday that that stuff doesn't matter. And that gives me the assurance that one day it will be okay. Because that is why the Savior did what He did. So that everything will be okay if we trust Him...because that is the only intelligent thing to do. I am so excited for all of you who are willing to take el desafio del Libro de Mormon! You are all going to love it! A common saying among the missionaries in this area is "The Church is true and the Book is blue" amen to that!
Hope you all have an amazing week!!
Love Hermana Hansen  


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