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Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 6 in CO

Hey everyone! 
Well this week started out really good and I was so pumped but then it ended kinda crummy... No me gusta......This is the story of my first real heartbreak...and it broke real good...

After our normal p-day activities on Monday, we went to Simple Supper which is a thing that the ward hosts every month on the first Monday. It is basically where we have a dinner for anyone in the community who doesn't have food. They come and we serve them and talk to them and eat with them. It is a blast and you get to meet a very large range of very different people! But I love it and getting to know people and seeing the gratitude in their eyes for what Heavenly Father has done for them is something I will never be able to explain. After Simple Supper, we tool some leftovers to a few families who had gotten sick or we felt that needed it. It truly makes you think twice about the blessings the Lord gives to each one of us when we trust Him, obey His commandments and work as hard as we can.
We went to teach a man who is extremely spiritual but doesn't really like organized religion...if I had a quarter for every time I heard that I could buy the Breakers Mansion in Newport, RI...It was really interesting..We got maybe a sentence in the entire time. We brought a member with us who basically taught the entire lesson..not exactly what we planned but hey it works out.
The lesson reminded me of how the doctrine of Jesus Christ clarifies everything in life. As C.S. Lewis once said, " I believe in Christianity like I believe in the sun, not because I can see it but because by it I can see everything else." What a smart man!
I love the Holy Ghost! It is 100% real!  We went to see one of my favorite families in the world, the Fernandez family. They are amazing! They have 3 sons and 2 of them are members. The oldest has been a member for awhile and is sealed in the Temple to his wife and they have the most adorable little boy ever! And the youngest is a my age and got baptized the Sunday before I came to Eagle. The middle one and their parents aren't members...yet. They are some of the most loving people on this planet. Tuesday, We saw Cesar, the youngest and he is amazing.His testimony blows my mind! He exemplifies what we call quiet dignity and it is amazing to see how the Gospel of Jesus Christ changes people. They are the coolest!
We went to walk some dogs and that is like the best job ever! But between the mass amount of chihuahuas and other little dogs that look like Ewoks, I have determined that I will never ever own a little dog!
We went to see Marcelina, a woman who got baptized the same day as Cesar. Her testimony blows me away as well! The things that she has gone through in her life are evidence that Jesus Christ makes everything better. Always.
Then the miracle happened... We walked out of her house and  OYM'd a guy on the street. He started talking about how it was super weird that we were there because he had been thinking about if God was really there. Now I know that every time we have a strong "let's go get that guy" that is exactly what we need to do. He hasn't really ever read anything in the Bible so we gave him both a Bible and a Book of Mormon. He asked us which book we liked are both great...but we really like the Book of Mormon. We started talking about some of the differences and how they both work together. Then he looks at us and is like, "Why do I need this one (Bible)? Because this one (Book of Mormon) sounds way better." Sister Smock and I looked at each other and told him again about how they were teammates..we marked a passage in the Bible and the Intro in the Book of Mormon. He has a ton of things that he wants to make better so hopefully he sticks with the program!
After we saw him, we went to see one of my favorite people ever! She is so amazing and that lesson confirmed that the Spirit guides our word when we listen. It was super powerful and she inspires me so much and reminds me of myself.
 Almost every single cita we had  on Thursday fell through. But that's okay because miracles happen everyday! Marcelina came to our dinner appointment and lo and behold she speaks amazing English! We had no idea! She came to an English member's home with us and they had an entire conversation! She is an inspiration!
 After District Meeting on Thursday, we went to see Brother Abbott. He is like another dad! I love how easy it is to love people when you take the time to get to know them and develop a relationship based on the love that Christ would have. If only it was easier to love people this way! But with Brother Abbott it is that easy! He is so awesome and one of my favorite people...I guess I say that about everyone. We met a little family and the dad, Edgar has been so prepared by the Lord. He wants the priesthood in his home for his family and he actually read the stuff we asked him to and prayed in both lessons on Thursday and Friday. He felt the Spirit so strong and wants to come to church so bad but can't ask for Sunday's off yet. His family is so cute!
In the same trailer park we met a teenage girl named Skyler. At the end of our lesson, she was super excited to read the Book of Mormon.
Saturday and Sunday were a couple of the best but saddest days of my life. Saturday we met Antonio who was baptized in Utah about 7 years ago but hasn't been able to go to church much since then. He just moved here and is living with a recent convert. They will help each other out so much! I am so excited to see how much they grow! We saw the Fernandez family again and taught the middle brother with the youngest. I haven't ever been so excited for someone to be reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it as much as this family. I pray everyday that he continues to get answers to his prayers and can join his brothers. That will be the best day ever!
Saturday night we got the news that I was being transferred. Literally I felt  my heart break in half. We did not see that coming at all! So Sunday was really really painful. These people were my first and it hurt physically. I have never felt anything like this is not fun. But the Lord is in His work and He knows what is up. It is the hardest to leave Hermana Smock the most because she has changed me so much and the Lord knew that I needed her. I think I still do but I guess He has different ideas. I have no clue where I will be going but I am so grateful that I got to serve in this little valley. Part of my heart will always be here with these amazing people. 
We don't know the Lord's plan for us but we know He has one for everyone. I thank Him every day for that. These people have changed my life for the better and I pray that I will be able to see them again.

Love you all!
Hermana Kylie D. Hansen

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