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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Last week at MTC - Dec. 22, 2014

Well here it is. Its the last week before I head out to Colorado and I couldn't be more excited to get out there. I was really scared to be completely honest when we got our travel plans this week. i was like what the heck?! I haven't learned anything I can't go out there yet!! But I was blessed with the best teachers in the entire MTC and they helped us realize we were ready. We can now understand everyhting they say which blows my mind! And we speak Spanish for hours on end. Five weeks ago if you would have told me this would happen I would have thought you were insane but I know that through the Lord all things are possible.
Last week was crazy and my computer freaked out right before I sent the email so I didn't get to update you all so I will do my best to do it double duty today!
Last Sunday the BYU Men's choir came and THEY ARE SO GOOD!! Music is amazing! Especially the Spanish hymns but maybe I am just biased.....
Last Monday we moved out of where we were living and into a new appartment building. that was a really crazy day!  The rest of the week completely sucked to be perfectly honest!
The previous week was filled with medical emergency after another! One of my companions sliced her leg I am down to only 1 tube of super glue and half a bottle of liquid bandage and very few bandaids...super fun! Good thing I am not squeemish! I felt like an er doctor...this is why I am going into poli-sci.....Anywho..then one of our roomates had a freak allergic reaction..thank goodness I have enough benadryl to last a life time and a half! So now I have been dubbed the medic for our zone....yay.....I made everyone promise not to get hurt until I replenish my supplies. 
But then it just went down hill from there. The amazing sister who had the reacton had to go home because she found out she has celiacs so that was terrible and sad but I know she will be back in a flash stronger than ever.
Because of that our trio was broken up and I am with her companion so that fun but sad all at the same time. 
Our teachers went home for the holidays so we had to get new ones but they are awesome too. That day was so sad each time we said goodbye to the two people who had helped us through the most difficult times at the CCM but its okay.
Yesterday changed my whole prospective about Christ and just how much He has done for us! Sister Burton came for Relief Society and blew my mind. She talked about how He was the greatest gift but how He is also the greatest gift giver. He gave us the Atonement and so much more completely free for us but it was the highest price of all for Him to pay. I loved her talk so much and my notebook is one of my greatest treasures now. We go through notebooks like crazy here form all of the notes and language study. I am pretty sure I ahve gone through more paper here than my entire Senior year!
Then last night we had Brother Heaton speak to us and his daughter who just got back form her mission 4 days ago! We learned so much that I wish I could tell you all but I don't have enough time :(
He was also talking about how we spend 18months-2 yrs serving and how some go back to who they used to be and he made us promise we wouldn't.
I wish I could share all of everything this time but I can't.
So I leave you with my testimony.
Yo sé que Jesucristo es nuestro Salvador y Redentor. Yo sé que la Iglesia es verdadera y que José Smith fue un profeta verdadero. Yo sé que, sin la Expiación no podíamos ser perdonados y limpio. 
Until next time I love you all!
Hermana Hansen

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Our zone

The BEST teacher EVER!

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